In some cases, couples who have decided to file for divorce are unable to agree about how to divide their property or where their children should live and must litigate these issues in court. In other cases, couples wish to end their marriages and are able to come to an agreement on how best to handle the logistics of their split. In these cases, an uncontested divorce may be an option.

What Is An Uncontested Divorce?

Many people mistakenly believe that an uncontested divorce is one where both parties agree that they must end their relationship. In reality, there is much more to it: Each individual must agree not only to end the marriage, but also on how to divide their property, how to handle all questions of child custody and all other matters related to the split.

While many couples begin the divorce process believing that few issues are likely to be contested, most find themselves in court over key matters. It is important to speak to a divorce lawyer who can explain the process and provide an idea of what to expect, no matter what situations arise.

Also, if the divorce is uncontested we typically charge flat fees for representation in these matters.

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