Spare Your Family Unnecessary Stress During Probate

Create an estate plan with a knowledgeable probate attorney in South Holland, IL

Too many people wait until it's too late to create an estate plan. As a result, they leave their families in the dark about their final wishes. With a probate attorney's help, you can create an estate plan that leaves explicit instructions for your loved ones.

The Law Office of Lela J. Davis assists clients in South Holland, IL and throughout Cook County, IL, including South Holland, Dolton and Lansing, IL. We handle Decedent Estates. Whether drafting or writing them we can ensure that the passing of loved ones is made easier by relieving the stress of probate.

We can meet at your convenience to draft your will, as well as discuss...

  • Trusts, which can minimize estate taxes or prevent assets from going through probate
  • Powers of attorney, which authorize a loved one to make financial or medical decisions for you
  • Advance directives, which tell your doctor if you'd prefer to use or avoid certain medical procedures
  • Disabled adult or minor guardianships, which authorize a loved one to care for you or your child if you can't

Need help administering a loved one's estate?

Distributing assets, paying creditors and executing a loved one's will are difficult to do on your own. A probate attorney in the South Holland, Dolton and Lansing, IL area can help you.

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