If you're selling your home in the Cook County, IL area, consider hiring a real estate attorney to assist with the process. Selling your home is a lot of work. Ease the burden by hiring an experienced real estate lawyer to help with negotiations and closing paperwork.

Leave the details to me as you focus on your next move

I am able to negotiate transactions, facilitating a peaceful and fair agreement. After the selling price and terms have been established, my role is to review the contract and negotiate repairs and other adjustments of the transaction. As a seller, hiring a real estate lawyer is especially important if:

  • You want the ease of knowing that your interests were prioritized during the sale.
  • You're selling a property that's in a state of distress.
  • You're the heir or executor of a property whose owner is now deceased.
  • You're selling a house with an uncooperative owner.
  • You have judgments or liens on the property.

  • Rest assured knowing that during the sale of your home, you covered all of your bases in the paperwork. Contact me today to schedule a consultation for your real estate transaction in the South Holland, Dolton and Lansing, IL area.