Whether a couple is going through a divorce or were never married, if they have children one of their major concerns is their ability to provide adequate financial support even though the couple is no longer together. Several years ago, Illinois law changed concerning child support. Both parents are responsible for support and both parents' incomes are utilized in determining the support amount. The non-custodial parent pays their share of the support to the custodial parent. One of the parents' prime concerns is whether he or she will have to pay child support. If so, how much will it be?

We handle child support cases and we represent child support clients throughout Cook and Will County, Illinois including South Holland and Lansing, IL. We provide our clients with individual attention to ensure that they understand their rights and know what to expect from the child support process.

How Does An Illinois Court Make A Determination About Child Support?

What many people may not realize is that child support determinations in Illinois have changed. Illinois now uses the income shares model to calculate support. Illinois has adopted the income shares method for calculating support. These changes went into effect in 2017.

Child support is no longer calculated just based on the obligor parent's income but is now determined based on the combined net income of both parents. Once the total child support amount is determined, each parent's share of the responsibility for child support payment is determined based on the net income of each parent relative to the other.

As lawyers with years of experience representing clients in child support matters, we understand that the process can take a toll on parents. We work closely with our clients to set realistic expectations and to provide an overview of what a court is likely to do.

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